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I have to say, I’m crushing….Jamie Oliver’s new magazine hit Canadian shelves this month, the  second issue. I was lucky to get my hands on the first issue. Joel brought it back from the UK a few months ago and it has been passed around and well thumbed. I think he actually likes to encourage this crush, hoping Jamie will have a positive effect on my culinary skills, or at least my culinary inspiration. Truth be told I’m actually more inspired by how integral design is to the brand of Jamie Oliver. This new magazine is case in point, it’s got everything: stunning photography – from the ‘unstyled’ food shots to the joyful portraits and mood shots for every article – the typography is off the hook, really beautiful and sporadic use of illustration. All of this just serves to present really amazing content: recipes, stories, interviews, features all really wonderfully crafted to feel like the ‘voice’ of Jamie Oliver but express the individual writer’s vision. Okay, i’m an admitted magazine freak (I buy loads on many different topics), but I haven’t come across one in recent memory that I want to savour and collect. Jamie Oliver’s people have created a real jem here that sits right smack dab in the middle of my two favorite things: design+food. Here’s a little taste:


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