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Dana is the resident salad expert here – though I’ve been trying my hand at it recently with some mixed results.

Salad - Yummy in the tummy....who knew?

Salad - yummy in the tummy....who knew?

The simple salad above has some pretty strong flavours – fortunately we are not afraid of going bold with a few flavours.  This was baby spinach, toasted peanut, shaved Spanish onion, feta, chili flakes, salt, pepper and dried oregano.  Place the herbs on the tomatoes (and goodness please do not put them in the fridge – more on that later :)) and let them all hang out for a while – 30 minutes is the minimum before tossing.  This is one more flavour than described in the $6 kitchen makeover post and there are no fresh herbs – but it is an example of more of less flavours.

The nuts add a crunch and the spinach is strong enough to withstand and compliment it’s friends in the bowl with a great texture to boot.  This isn’t one for the faint of heart but is a hearty accompaniment to a heart meal such as roasted chicken or grilled red meat.


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