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Couldn’t resist posting this video of the Strawberry Song, an homage to the fresh, in-season, local strawberry. Because it IS strawberry season and  “Rye n’ Ginger” played it in ‘our’ backyard – also known as F’Coffee’s back patio – last night as part of Sounds like the Riverside, a night of live music at all the fantastic establishments on our tiny stretch of Queen Street East.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Riverside is a section of Queen Street East from the Don River to Empire Avenue (just east of the train bridge at Degrassi). Not as ‘well known’ as other parts of  Queen Street, it’s pretty unique….but I’m biased. We’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 3 years (and watched a huge amount of change happen in a small period of time). My first (design industry) job was about 5 doors down 14(!) years ago when they first started installing the public art and details that would eventually make the area known as Riverside, it was completely different back then. These days Toronto BIA describes it this way:

“Riverside District is a vital and bustling bohemian village in Toronto’s historic east end. The village has a well established commercial district and strong historic ties with the surrounding South Riverdale neighbourhoods. Creative industries such as film, television, music and design are growing in and around the businesses and numerous galleries are ideal for browsing.”

and of course it was a lot different about 100 years ago:

our windows onto queen circa 1910

Queen street: just east of Carroll, looking west. Our windows onto Queen circa 1910 (Toronto Archives)

About 8 months ago I started working in Riverside again, this time from home, and the people and places in this neighborhood have really made the transition easier. I’ve spent years working in design studios, with close knit teams that felt like family, and people that have become close friends. My business is just me (for now), which is a tough thing for someone who enjoys being around people. We also run WellPreserved here, the neighborhood was a catalyst in starting the blog and continues to be an inspiration for what we do here.

Toronto is made up of neighborhoods, that’s the best part about it. Each one has a flavor all it’s own and you don’t need to travel far to feel like you’ve vistited a different country, or even a different era. Get out and enjoy them this summer, experience a community, maybe visit ours for a few hours (great brunch, restaurants, art galleries, furniture shops in this highly caffeinated neighborhood).

Rye n’ Ginger (David Newland & Steve McNie) play regularly at the Dominion (bar) at the Corktown Ukulele Jam, and are going to be performing on sunday in the distillery as part of the Toronto City Roots Festival.

Have a GREAT weekend. I’m going down for a coffee….



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