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I have a lot of time for Everdale Organic Farm – even though I’ve never been there.

I first heard of this Organic Farm and Learning Centre through my local bartender.  Simeron is Canada’s silver-medal award winning Oyster Shucker and poured me several late night beers.  Our typical conversation was animated and ranged from silly to serious and were often fun-spirited verbal battles with no intent to find a winner.  Our first debate was a battle over who sung “My Name Is Luca” (two marathon sessions of brainstorming ended up with his bet of Suzanne Vega clearly the wiser of my ballots for Tracy Chapman).

Simeron is a kind soul and friendly as the day is long.  He is super intelligent, passionate about life and wanted to learn how to farm.  He announced that he was moving to Everdale where they would house him with small quarters (insulated by hay if I remember correctly) and a single power outlet.  He would make a minimal stipend and work at the farm for the summer and fall and learn how to become a farmer.  I knew I’d miss the late night banter but admired his sense of adventure and commitment to learning.

He reappeared early one Saturday morning at the Brickworks Farmers Market.  Simeron introduced me to garlic scapes and seemed even more alive than ever.  The work is hard and his passion grows each time I see him (he’s on his second year at the farm now).

Everdale is a working farm that runs education programs to help the rest of us to learn about farming, sustainable living and energy efficient buildings.  They run workshops (including a canning workshop we are going to at the end of August), sell their organic goods at several markets (and a small Community Shared Agriculture program) and have a model green home on their property to show to visitors who come to learn.  Everdale is very active in their program named “Farmers Growing Farmers” program and are making modern life a little more sustainable with equal dashes of modern, future and historic approaches.

The farm is about 90 minutes from downtown Toronto.  They are one of the larger vendors at the Brickworks market and there every week without fail.  Here’s a sample of their table from last weekend:


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