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Royal Winter Cows

The Royal Winter Fair came to Toronto a few weeks back – even Prince Charles flew into town for a quick appearance.  Dana and I were the other Royalty that got to visit the fair.

I don`t think I`ve gone to the fair before – if I did it was as a small child.  I grew up in Suburban Toronto and we often went to the Markham fair in the fall.  I have many great memories of our community fair and often looked forward to it.

I remember that the local softball association was auctioning off a cow when I was a teenager.  The cow would be fully butchered and delivered in time for Christmas.  My friend Laura and I bought every ticket we could when they promised us they would call the winner before culling it – our intention was to `save`the animal and keep it somewhere.

I often wonder what we would have done if we had won.  Neither of us ate red meat at the time and we lived in the same subdivision.  In all likelihood Ethics would have given away to practicality and everyone would have gotten meat for Christmas.  Or we would have found a farmer who could have kept it `safe.`

It`s a good memory and funny to think of how much my perspective has changed over the years.

The Royal Winter Fair was awesome – we had a great time and learned lots.  We also got to hang out with some cows (most of whom made milk not meat) and grabbed a few shots.  I love watching cows – especially when meandering in fields but a few posed for us so here they are.


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