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Although I struggled in school, I adored taking small quizzes and surveys (most from Cosmo which is probably why I struggled with the ones that evaluated real knowledge!)  Being Friday and too hot to concentrate on much of anything, I thought I’d share a few online quizzes (ranging from silly to difficult).  All are free and I learned at least 1 thing from each of them – enjoy!

TLC has two quizzes on-line:
Global Easts and Techniques (here)
Name that Utensil (here)
While neither one is especially difficult, I found the utensil game to be too easy to be fun – the other went from easy to tough and back again.  Ironically, I scored worse on the utensil game!

AllAboutYou.com offers a quiz to assess your potential to become a chef (it’s mostly tongue-in-cheek but still fun).

Epicurious has really good content in their Julia Child Quiz but you have to mark it manually.

20 questions on mushrooms (with instant feedback) are given to us by Auschef.com (this was originally part of a promotion to give away prizes – you do not need to register to play and this is a pretty academic test that I struggle with – I suppose I am more of a fun guy since taking the test :))

Go For something totally different, play the Cooking Academy Game (be patient and wait past the advertisement – the game will come up in less than 10 seconds here)


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