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HDV_0237 a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

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We’re continuing our tour of our new home today – this time we’re sharing the 200+ editorial pieces we’ve run over the last 3 years.  These include thoughts on slow food, sustainability, hunting, travel, event reviews and more.

This also includes our “Special Series” section of articles.  These are unique in our navigation as they are the only articles that will always appear in two different categories at the same time.  These articles were published as sets (for example my diary of moose hunting from 2009 is one of them) and were meant to be read in order at the time.  But they also fit into out other categories (for example, the moose diaries are also part of the section on moose hunting).  We recently shared a series on buying, cooking, eating and making stock with lobster.  If you wanted to read the series from start to finish, you’ll find it below.  But if you’re only looking for a lobster recipe, you’ll find just 2 of the 6 articles in that series in our recipe database as the others relate to buying and eating lobster.

We’ll be rolling out the navigation soon enough – for now you can browse around our past – let us know what you think!

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I’ll admit I was hoping this was going to be the first post on the new WellPreserved. Alas, there’s 2 hours left in the day and I’m still partially converted.

Over the next few days there’s going to be a lot of changes here.  We’re going to start with a new layout and a cleaner look.  You’ll find some bigger pictures and a new way of finding posts that should make the whole site a whackload more useful.

More than 90% of the content has migrated, all 1,284 posts have been placed into categories and we’ll be increasing the indexing to build you some really cool features really soon).

For now, I’ll just have to tease you with this post – the more I write, the longer you’ll wait.  We hope it will be worth your wait!

Joel (and Dana)

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