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It`s Friday evening or Saturday morning when most of you are perusing this – thought we`d share links to some really neat food-related infographics (we didn`t put copies here due to knowing how much work these are to create).  Each of these 10 graphics are awesome – and great food for thought:

We share infographics a few times a week on the Facebook page because I simply love them.  Come join the party here!


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Fishing for Compliments

All this talk about fish, fishing and oceans this week, coupled with the fact that we’ll be vacationing at the beach has me thinking about nautical and fishing visuals. Thought you might enjoy a little ‘vacation’ from the usual and to feast your eyes on some pretty things. (See the bottom of the post for some details and linkage).

A. these vintage book illustrations are from Castawayshall (in Vancouver!) on Etsy.

B. i really love this cyanotype from Matt Shapoff of Hand Made on Peconic Bay

C. nothing says fishing like a snazzy yellow rain slicker (perfect for april showers too). This one is from Albam Clothing.

D. I just love this image, it’s from a 1957 McCall’s magazine (via Blue Velvet Vintage.)

Two of my favourite Fish themed movies…if you haven’t seen them, rent them this weekend and perhaps enjoy with a fish dinner?

E. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – Wes Anderson is a genius, the art direction is stunning and anything, anything with Angelica Houston and Bill Murray in baby blue track suits and a red toque…has got to be awesome

F. Big Fish – another beautiful movie (both the story and the visuals), one of my favourite Tim Burton films, makes me cry every time.

G. Vintage fishing creel, love the look of these…I’d love a whole bunch of them (not sure where i’d put them yet ;-). Lots on ebay.

H. And last, if it was my size and someone hadn’t already bought it (from timeless vixen vintage on etsy)..would definitely snag some compliments.

Have you entered our Seafoodie contest?  It`s easy – and quick – all the details are here.

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Inspired by….Eggs!

We picked up some eggs at the Wychwood Barns Market last Saturday. Every single one was a different shape and mottled shell pattern…not so novel I suppose, but when was the last time you really looked at an egg? There’s not much to inspire you in the perfectly uniform, bright white dozen you get at the grocery store really.  Not only did these look good, but they tasted amazing…a very different texture and flavour. They were so pretty I had to take a picture…and thought I’d put together a visual post on some egg inspired stuff! Hope you enjoy…

1. a little fresh squeezed OJ goes great with breakfast (from Anthropologie)

2. vintage alarm clock to get you up in time for brunch (Junethefirst’s shop on etsy)

3. I have nothing to say, except i really want one of these!!!

4. add a little personality to your salt and pepper (Anthropologie again, love them)

5. I prefer coffee, but if you’re a tea person…these are brilliant! (keeps the tag from falling in the cup!)

6. Full English Tshirt…perfect brunch style

7. and last but not least…a green funky chicken rocking chair….oh yeah.

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Tart inspiration

We’ve been thinking a lot about lemons this week, with Joel concocting the lemon squash for the Tigress Can Jam. Thought we would keep that lemony fresh feeling a little longer with another post on Lemons!

(see the bottom for some links and explanations…)

when life gives you lemons....

1. Our very own lemon squasher…we love the look of it so much, it’s become somewhat of a decor element in our kitchen. To think it lived in Joel’s parent’s basement for years before we brought it home.

2. Yes, it’s the classic Lemonheads album “It’s a shame about ray”, why not use the theme to bring back memories of excellent 90s alternarock (and the album cover image is pretty cool too).

3. I love vintage botanical illustrations. They’re beautiful, were done in the name of science, and if you have the right decor they look fantastic in a kitchen.

4. An old lemon crate label. Being a graphic designer I can get a bit obsessive about these. Lots can be found on ebay, but I found a great store on etsy that has all kinds. Design inspiration, or frameable art for your kitchen.

5. Lemonhead candy. Love the (very literal) design of the character on the box, and also further justifies the Lemonheads album! (I’m pretty sure they were named after the candy).

6. If you don’t have room for a giant lemon squeezer like we have, this one will fit in your kitchen drawer, is a great addition to a bar and is a really pretty colour. Available on Amazon, but you can get them at many kitchen stores (get a metal one plastic, the weight is great and it will last longer).

7. These are kindof the opposite of our lemon squeezer: designed by Philippe Starck, they’re neat looking but pretty useless (the juice goes all over the place), if your kitchen has a ‘war of the worlds’ theme, they’d be a great addition though.

8. Beautiful Packaging, and an intriquing product. Olive oil with lemon, sounds delicious. Check out the Nudo site where you can see more of the great looking product line, and adopt an olive tree.

9. Like the Lemonheads album, this isn’t edible (unless your mom has it and you’ve been swearing a lot). Whenever I go to the UK (or whenever friends visit), i stock up on Original Source products from Boots. This is the Lemon Tea Tree body wash, it’s cheap,smells great and the simple block of text design is great. I was disappointed when they changed their packaging – it used to have a great lid with a handle to hang from the shower head.

10. If you’ve got room in your kitchen, this is probably the prettiest lemon juicer I found. Beautiful Scandinavian design from Tonfisk.

How many ways can you squeeze a lemon!?


I can’t believe I forgot about this little piece of iconic packaging…..

you can get a 12 pack on Amazon, in case you need them (click the image)

Lemon yellow is such a kitchen colour to me. If you’re looking for more inspiration, checkout Flohaus’ post on all things yellow

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This poster was produced in 1944 toward the end of the second world war to encourage people to grow their own produce. The ‘Dig for Plenty’ campaign was created by Britain’s ministry of Agriculture and ran for much of the war. The posters were targeted to the general public, not farmers. At this time a lot of people had converted their private lawns into vegetable gardens. The idea was to provide meals for families and communities and free up space.

The illustration is gorgeous and really feels abundant, healthy and optimistic. In these times, when we’re all concerned with rising food costs, it’s reassuring to learn that a previous generation had the same if not larger concerns.

If I had a lawn, i might be inspired to dig it up in the spring. Check out Foodshare Toronto for some inspiration and resources.

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